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Back in October last year during the week of Munich's world famous Oktoberfest, UC went to Germany for a two day seminar for primarily Police Officers, Metro Police and Security individuals. Over the weekend, I managed to network with some great people; like-minded and hospitable to boot. I also had the great opportunity to sample some traditional Bavarian hospitality, along with a trip to the Oktoberfest which was great. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my hosts, Harold and Tino, and to thank all who took part. What follows is Tino's review of that weekend. LM

Urban Combatives in Munich - Action at the Oktoberfest

Lee's degree of fame led to the fact that the seminar participants came from all over Germany. At the beginning of the seminar, Lee introduced himself briefly. He mentioned his technical background as doorman in different clubs in England, his activities in the area of personal protection, as well as a trainer for several police and military units all over the world. Additionally, Lee has comprehensive knowledge in different Asian and Western martial methods. His practical experiences on the street showed him that, in regard to effective self protection, there is a need for other concepts and approaches than those in the traditional martial arts.

This led in the course of the years to the development of Urban Combatives. Extensive researches confirm Lee's philosophy that in stress situations, only gross motor skills will be accessible, as the fine motor skills are impaired. In a real fight, hard skills contribute only 10% to the success potential. 90% of the success results from the mental attitude, which is trainable by special methods.

A tough fighter is someone who is mentally strong and steely, and someone who does whatever might be necessary in order to deal with the problem. The technical skills and the amplitude of the biceps are not the crucial factor. With Power Point and flipchart, Lee explained at first the differences between the mentality of law enforcement and safety professionals, from the mentality of a potentially violent criminal. Those are characterised according to experience by a high aggression potential and the willingness to execute physical violence.

On the other hand, law enforcement and safety professionals are usually hindered by legal barriers and moral inhibition thresholds. Awareness, be it in the team or if working alone is a substantial element of functional and holistic self protection. Contact and cover, along with team tactics and pre-planning, are essential elements here.

The next point on the curriculum was methods of functional Subject Control for the purpose of arrest and transport. As done in the whole seminar, the participants trained alone and in a team. The methods were then trained in scenario against active non-compliant resistance. The different roles (arrest team and the criminal) were executed alternately by participants.

In the close-quarter module, Lee dealt with his simple however highly effective striking, low-line kicking and the cover & blitz concept. These are based, as mentioned already above, on purely gross motor movement patterns. The effect of an impact with the open hand astonished even some experienced self-defence guys present in the seminar. Effective impact training with focus mitts and pads, showed the special value of this training approach. After 'licking the wounds', the very much stimulating day found a nice end in the evening. A typically Bavarian pub was visited for the get-together.

The second day was equally intensive and comprehensive as well. The first emphasis was protection from attacks with dangerous objects (knives, screwdriver, bottles, etc). A further point was the use of everyday objects for the protection against attacks of all kinds and angles.

The participants were absolutely surprised as Lee Morrison demonstrated how even a newspaper could be used effectively. As a source of this surprisingly effective improvised tool common with the football hooligan era. For insiders, we will mention here only the term 'Millwall Brick'. Mobile phone, flashlight, ball-point pen, etc, are extraordinarily helpful with appropriate application in the realm of self-protection as long as the essential Mentality is present.

Methods of Weapon Retention, as well as transitional skills from empty hand to weapons were studied in detail. We also covered a variety of other skill-sets including take downs, methods of Counter Grappling, secondary tools and more...

Other interesting seminars of Every Day Protection in co-operation with Lee Morrison and other well-known International Instructors are in preparation. All that is left for me to say was thank you to Lee and to all who took part in the very successful 2 day Combatives workshop.

Tino... Munich Nov 2010